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Binary Star's Spaceflight Simulators

Binary Star Ltd. is an interactive simulation software development company, in our 21st year. We proudly serve commercial, educational, and non-profit clients with exciting, reliable experiences and one-on-one customer service.

Our diverse products focus on human spaceflight, and address both historical and futuristic storylines. Participants are immersed in the simulated environment, engaged in a detailed visual experience that is both fun and educational. Most of our attractions are designed around one or more educational goals, and emphasize accuracy, proper modeling of physical effects, and state-of-the-art graphics.

For venues such as museums and science centers, BSL offers titles that operate as standalone attractions which run 3-5 minutes in duration and are suitable for installation in kiosk or simulated cockpit environments. We also offer larger-scale, multi-participant sims that work well in schools, day camps, or team-building environments.

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Asteroid Deflector

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Binary Star News

September 2015: Updates to MS3-Lunar Released

Binary Star announces the latest release of MS3-Lunar. MS3-Lunar now incorporates the Space Launch System (SLS) for the launch phase. MS3-Lunar also includes other graphics improvements.

October 2014: New Simulation Released

Binary Star announces the release of a new simulation titled Asteroid Deflector. Asteroid Deflector gives your guest the opportunity to "save the planet!" Using NASA's next generation Orion spacecraft, the guest must rendezvous with an asteroid in Lunar orbit and then demonstrate a laser's ability to change the asteroid's course.

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