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Space Station Rendezvous: Guiding Orion

With the Space Shuttle's retirement, NASA is building America's next generation spacecraft, called Orion. Guiding Orion offers a chance to experience what it might be like to pilot the Orion on a conceptual mission to dock with the International Space Station. Using joysticks to fire its reaction control thrusters, guide it smoothly through the final 100 feet of rendezvous, and successfully dock with the giant Station! Guiding Orion is one of Binary Star's family of attractions designed for exhibit in museums and other commercial venues. With spectacular views of the Earth and the Space Station from 220 miles high, your guests will experience a unique and exciting moment as they bring the two great spacecraft together.

Computer Configuration

Guiding Orion requires one computer and two dual-axis joysticks to our specifications, plus one 1920x1080 resolution monitor. Get Detailed System Requirements...

Sample Video