Gemini: Dawn of Rendezvous

Learning to rendezvous and dock two spacecraft in orbit was critical to the success of the Apollo moon missions. NASA's manned Gemini program was designed to develop that skill, using an unmanned Agena upper stage as a target vehicle. Your guests can re-create this moment in history with Gemini: Dawn of Rendezvous, one of Binary Star's family of attractions designed for exhibit in museums and other commercial venues. With spectacular views of the Earth and the gleaming Agena from 220 miles high, your guests will experience a unique and exciting moment as they bring the two pioneering spacecraft together.

Computer Configuration

Gemini: Dawn of Rendezvous requires one computer, two dual-axis joysticks to our specifications, and one 1920x1080 resolution monitor. The optional instrument panel software is available at no additional cost, but requires an additional screen which will be plugged into the second slot on the graphics card. Get Detailed System Requirements...

Sample Video