That's the Spirit!

Imagine you're part of a crew stationed at a scientific base on Mars. There is a major Martian dust storm headed for your base, while one of your remote data-gathering rover craft called Spirit has become lost out in the field. Your job is to fly a jetpack with a computer-generated search team to locate and mark the Spirit's position before the storm reaches your base!

That's the Spirit! requires quick thinking, logic, and maybe a bit of luck, while demonstrating an application of triangulation with your search team to help locate the rover. It is suitable for all skill levels, but due to the unique characteristics of jetpack flight and the Martian terrain, it will be most rewarding to ages 10 and above.

Computer Configuration

That's the Spirit! requires one computer, joystick(s), and 1920x1080 resolution monitor to our specifications. Get Detailed System Requirements...

Sample Video