Return to Camelot

Someday, Americans will return to the surface of the Moon. Imagine what it might be like to visit one of the original Apollo sites, perhaps to retrieve hardware for scientific evaluation after 40 years on the moon! Return to Camelot puts you at the controls of a lunar landing craft, and your mission is to make a precision landing near the Camelot crater in the Taurus-Littrow valley, site of the last Apollo lunar mission in 1972. Designed for high-throughput venues, Return to Camelot offers an engaging, exhilarating experience that demonstrates some of the challenges of landing on another world!

Computer Configuration

Return to Camelot requires one computer, joystick and throttle to our specifications, and one 1920x1080 resolution monitor. Software for the optional glass cockpit screen is available at no additional cost, but requires an additional screen which will be plugged into the second slot on the graphics card. Get Detailed System Requirements...

Sample Video